Sunday, October 15, 2006

STEP 2: FREE from phone company bills

There are several ways to ditch your phone company bill -- with all its weird taxes and fees for this, that and the other thing that raise your monthly payment to far more than what your actual phone usage should make it be. I've chosen Gizomo Chat, an excellent option if you have high-speed Internet. I happen to have an arrangement where I share high-speed Internet with a group of neighbors, so this is a great option for me. I felt joy in cancelling my phone service with Pac bell about 2 months ago. "Where are you moving to so we can provide you servce there," the Pac Bell rep asked me. "I'm not moving," I said. "I'm just freeing myself from phone company bills."

Gizomo Chat is an open-source project that allows me to call other computers for free and any phone for only $1 a minute -- no taxes, charges, fees or other expenses. It even gives me my own phone number, voice mail and e-mail notification of new messagess

Check out Gizmo Chat


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